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Welcome booklet

Our welcome booklet answers all your questions.
In addition, we answer the most frequently asked questions below.


When can I go on holiday?

Our calendar is available in January the latest for the whole year. Have  a look on our website, click on the Enroll page!

In both August and December, holidays at IESG-FLE are the actual French holidays for the scholars.

Except for those, we also have a week break between 2 sessions. To make sure everyone can recharge their battery before starting to study the most beautiful language in the world!

How can I learn more of the French culture?

We are delighted to help you out witth a such a question! There are obviously plenty of opportunities for you to know more of the French culture in the capital of France. But how can you make a choice among so many opportunities?

Ask us: teachers, school staff, everyone of us will be happy to give you the tips you need!

Cultural workshops: once per month at least one cultural workshop is driven by our team. Francophonie, cinema, gastronomy, etc. and everything you need to feel integrated and fulfill your curiosity!

Cultural outings: once per session and occasionally with your class, you will have an occasion to explore Paris. More information on the Cultural and language events page!

Can I request a certificate of registration?

After your payment has been registered, you can request your certificate of enrollment by email or on site and you will be able to start the necessary visa application procedures.

Please note that it takes 3 to 5 days to receive the certificate for all types of payments.

For all other urgent attestation requests, there are special rates (more information).

In order to guarantee full registration of our candidates, all payments must be made all at once.

Can I request a certificate of attendance?

To obtain a certificate of attendance, it is mandatory to attend class regularly and to participate in the entire session. Attendance is scrupulously recorded every day by our teachers so come to class!

Please note that certificates are issued within 6 months of the course taken. After this time, requests are considered exceptional and a one-time fee applies.

Can I request a transcript?

Exams are held at the end of each session (see). They are based on the DELF-DALF exams (more information):

  • written production

  • oral comprehension

  • written comprehension

  • oral production

Transcripts are available the week following the exams.

In addition, mid-term tests are given to assess a skill chosen by the teacher. This evaluation is integrated into the final grade.

Can I transfer to another class?

Transfer by teacher's request

We evaluate all of our new registrants at the time of registration, except for :

  • complete beginners

  • students who have an attestation of an acquired level

However, the level of a class may not correspond to the student. This is why the first week of class is very important: the teachers carefully evaluate the level of each student and may ask for a change of student.

A teacher can request a transfer of a student. The teacher informs the student and the teacher of the class to which the student will be assigned.

  • the transfer must also be validated by the school via a form

  • finally, the student introduces himself to his new teacher.

Can I transfer to another class? (2)

Transfer at the student's request

The student first consults his or her teacher. If the teacher agrees, the student fills out a transfer request form and gives it to the teacher of the new class. At the end of the first class:

  • the professor validates the change and reports it to the school

  • the professor does not validate the change and another solution is considered (return to the initial class, another test)

Any change requested by the student after the first week of class will result in a fee of 50 euros to be paid upon validation of the change.

I have obligations and must be temporarily absent. What can I do?

All students can suspend their courses if necessary during the course.

A fee of 80 euros will be charged in case of a student's request to suspend the session.

In case of force majeure duly recognized by the school, the suspension fee will be waived.

For a session of 8 weeks: the student has 12 weeks from the first day of the session to complete the course.

For a 12-week session: the student has 18 weeks to complete the course.

For a 24-week session: the student has 36 weeks to complete the course.

For a 32-week session: the student has 48 weeks to complete the course.

And how do I make this request?

In person at the reception desk with supporting documents if necessary or by email at

When making the request, the student must fill out the form:

  • to give the date of the beginning of the suspension of the courses

  • to give the date of the end of the suspension of the courses

Once these dates are set, it is not possible to change them.

Please note: late requests will not be considered. A minimum delay of two weeks is required.

If the request has not been made but the student does not attend class, he/she is considered absent. This will affect the attendance rate and therefore the issuance of vouchers.

My arrival in Paris has been postponed. What should I do?

All our classes are hybrid. It is true that we prefer you to come to class to meet your fellow students in the flesh and enjoy our friendly facilities. However, in case your arrival date in Paris has changed, we invite you to participate in our online French courses. Please contact us about this and we will do our best to find the solution that suits you!

What is the deadline to register at IESIG-FLE?

We strongly recommend our prospective students to register before the start of a session. You will feel out of step with the other learners if you arrive later than the start of the school year. In addition, to get off to the best possible start, there is nothing better than to prepare in advance. Your timetable will change and so will your habits!

As far as visa applications are concerned, it is essential to register at least two months before the start of your course.

How to make a claim?

If you notice a problem with the courses, premises or reception and would like to let us know about it, or if you have any criticisms or suggestions to make, you can fill in this complaint form and hand it in at reception.
As the form is anonymous, if you wish to be contacted again, please remember to include at least your email address.

Where are we located?